Retrograde Ejaculation Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Men who notice that an ejaculation does not produce much semen may be suffering from one of the many retrograde ejaculation causes. This condition happens when semen fails to exit the body through the urethra. Instead, it is moved into the bladder and exits the body during urination. Usually this is caused when a muscle does not restrict the flow of semen from entering the bladder. While the majority of cases are not serious, some men have been known to become infertile because of this problem.

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There are several possible causes of retrograde ejaculation. The condition is often the result of surgery performed on the bladder neck or prostate. Another potential cause is the use of certain medications, such as those for high blood pressure, mood disorders, or prostate enlargement. Yet another situation that could lead to retrograde ejaculation is nerve damage. The damage may be caused by such conditions as multiple sclerosis, diabetes, or an injury to the spinal cord.

There are very few retrograde ejaculation symptoms, but they are very noticeable. One such symptom is the absence or reduction of semen when a man ejaculates. Commonly called dry orgasms, this circumstance happens when the man is able to feel that he has had an orgasm, but there is no resulting expulsion of semen. In many cases this will be followed by urination that is cloudy due to the presence of semen in the urine. In the long term, this condition can cause infertility in men due to semen not being able to reach the vagina during sexual intercourse. Fortunately, there are treatments available to men suffering from the condition. A man who experiences these problems should consult a local doctor if he continues to have dry orgasms or cloudy urine as they may be signs of a more serious condition and can cause marriage sex problems .

Most cases of retrograde ejaculation do not require treatment unless they cause pain or interfere with the fertility of a man who wants to have children. While there is no retrograde ejaculation cure, there are many treatments available and prognosis is usually very good for the majority of cases. As a general rule, drugs will not help retrograde ejaculation that has occurred due to surgery complications. However, medications have been effective in patients that have nerve damage due to the previously mentioned conditions. Common medications used to treat the disorder are imipramine, chlorpheniramine, brompheniramine, ephedrine, and phynulephrine. There are no medications specifically designed to treat the problem and these medications have found secondary uses in treating retrograde ejaculation. In cases where the condition is caused by other medications, a doctor may recommend that the patient switch to another medication or discontinue use altogether if the underlying problem is not serious. If the condition causes problems due to infertility issues, there are ways to deal with it. Assisted reproductive techniques are available that utilize other methods to get a woman pregnant. While many men do not know what is retrograde ejaculation, it can be important for men who wish to have children to become acquainted with retrograde ejaculation causes.